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Holly – 2006, Ron Livingston, Chris Penn, Thuy Nguyen, Priority Films (first of three in The K11 Project)

holly•  Carl’s note:

Holly is a fictional story, so it’s a little easier to stomach than some of the documentaries in this list. Also, Holly spares us from some of the raw brutality of human trafficking, though not all of it. Be prepared to be disturbed at times. Patrick, Ron Livingston’s character, is unaware of what he’s getting into, so he’s takes us with him on his innocent journey of discovery about the complications of human trafficking. Yeah, it’s not all realistic, but I don’t get the impression that any of the fictionalized parts of the story will hurt the cause of fighting human trafficking. Some need info from documentaries. Others need fiction, and this is a good starting source for those people.

•  From Wikipedia:

“Patrick (Ron Livingston), an American card shark and dealer of stolen artifacts, has been ‘comfortably numb’ in Cambodia for years, when he encounters Holly (Thuy Nguyen), a 12-year-old Vietnamese girl, in the K11 red light village. The girl has been sold by her impoverished family and smuggled across the border to work as a prostitute.

Holly’s virginity makes her a lucrative prize, and when she is sold to a child trafficker, Patrick embarks on a frantic search through the both beautiful and sordid faces of the country, in an attempt to bring her to safety. Harsh, yet poetic, this feature forms part of the ‘K-11’ Project, utilizing mass media to raise awareness of the global child trafficking epidemic. The producers are executing the K-11 Project in conjunction with their non-profit, the Redlight Children Campaign, which is a worldwide grassroots initiative generating conscious concern and inspiring immediate action against child sexploitation.”