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Maria Full of Grace – 2004, Catalina Sandino Moreno

maria full of graceThis film is more about drug trafficking than human trafficking, though the economic pressures and family & social dynamics are similar. Still, this Berlin and Sundance Film Festival award winner is powerful.

• Here’s a description from New Line Cinema’s web site:

The film tells the story of one young woman’s journey from a small Colombian town to the streets of New York. A bright, spirited 17-year old, Maria Alvarez (Catalina Sandino Moreno) lives with three generations of her family in a cramped house in rural Colombia and works stripping thorns from flowers in a rose plantation. The offer of a lucrative job involving travel – in fact, becoming a drug “mule” – changes the course of her life. Far from the uneventful trip she is promised, Maria is transported into the risky and ruthless world of international drug trafficking. Her mission becomes one of determination and survival and she finally emerges with the grace that will carry her forward into a new life.

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