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Not in My Town: Exposing and Ending Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery – Dillon Borroughs and Charles Powell, 2011

not in my town •  Description from the New Hope Digital site

More than 17,000 people are trafficked into the United States each year. Even with major antitrafficking efforts in place around much of the country, sexual exploitation, forced labor, and agricultural slavery continue as the norm in many places of the United States . . . probably even in your own backyard. Exploring leads in their own hometown area of Atlanta, investigators Charles Powell and Dillon Burroughs unearthed an ugly truth—a dark subculture of human trafficking in their own neighborhood. Their unforgettable look into the secret world of America’s modern slave trade led to a global undercover operation to rescue victims from today’s greatest form of evil. Join their gripping journey that will shock readers and motivate a new generation to join the struggle for a nation—and world—where every individual can respond to slavery with Not in My Town.

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