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The Better World Shopping Guide: Every Dollar Makes a Difference – Ellis Jones, 2012, 4th Edition

the better world shopping guide •  Buy it at New Society Publishers or Amazon

I just got my copy and I love it (and hate it, because I can’t ignore the knowledge about the products I buy). Armed with info to make healthy consumer choices, I can vote with my dollars and influence how companies behave. Exxon, Kraft, Citibank, and Wal-Mart are among the worst offenders at human rights, labor practices, environmental sustainability, and campaign contributions. Seventh Generation, Tom’s of Maine, and Ben & Jerry’s are among the best. In a pocket sized handbook, I have summary rankings of products and companies in over 70 categories. Consumer choice is one of the front lines of the human trafficking battle for those of us with spending power.

•  More info available at Better World Shopper but as of October 2012, Dr Jones was still shipping the 2010 3rd Edition from his site. However, there are lots of other resources and data on the website that can’t be included in the handbook, so it’s worth a visit.