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The Jammed – 2007, “Welcome to the best Australian film of the year” – Jim Schrembi, The Age

the jammed•  From The Jammed website

“A young Melbourne woman, Ashley Hudson, reluctantly agrees to help a Chinese mother search for her missing daughter. Hooked on caffeine and bored with her job and loveless life, Ashley is unwittingly drawn into the darker edges of this sophisticated cityscape, to women – sometimes under-age girls – working as sex slaves.

Brought in by human trafficking syndicates to work as prostitutes in debt bondage, these are the modern sex slaves of Australia that are then conveniently deported when they hit their ‘used by date’.

As the story unravels, the sinister workings of illegal prostitution and governmental deportation is filled with twists and surprises. This is not an imaginary world, and Ashley also learns the hard way that maybe not everyone wants to be rescued.”

•  The Jammed