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The K11 Journey (in production as of August 2012) – Priority Films

hum traf img• The third film in the K11 Project (also Holly and Redlight)

Produced by Priority Films, the K11 Project is the most comprehensive film project about child trafficking and child sexual exploitation to date. The name itself derives from a district in Phnom Penh called Svay Pak, which is also known as Kilometre 11 or K11, and is internationally known for the high number of brothels located that exploit not only young Vietnamese and Cambodian women but also children as young as five. Guy Jacobson, the President of Priority Films, was decided to produce the K11 Project after an eye opening sabbatical in Cambodia and his encounter with a group of 5 to 7 year old girls in Phnom Penh, whom aggressively tried to solicit me for prostitution. As of today, two of the three films which make up the K11 project have been completed; the final film, entitled The K11 JOURNEY, a reflective documentary on the filmmakers experiences making the first two films, is currently in production. (from RedlightChildren)