CTIP is a joint project of the LCCL and SACBC

Trafficking in Person Report

Pretoria 09 April 2013

In Mahube Valley, last year we were working as a team, actually 2 teams, and we visited the 8 small Christian communities that form our parish. After a short  quiz to know how much the people were informed about this issue we proceeded with the general information about what TIP means and the 3 stages of the process. After the general information we used to leave time for questions and comments and also to share about what can we do in our midst to combat this situation. At the end of every meeting we finished praying together the “Prayer for the end of Human Trafficking” and handing over the prayer for all the participants. In every place we left 2 posters to remain with this and to fix in public spaces.

In general the people appreciated a lot our sharing and in many places the people had their own experiences about this problem.

We prepared special meeting with the children talking about the Children’s Rights. Was very alive and interesting. At the end the children prepare a banner to be fixed in our parish with the marks of their hands in different colours as a message that they want to collaborate for a world without any kind of slavery or abuse.

The participation of adults in our meetings were about 90 people; 50 women and 40 men approx. The children that participated were about 40.

We prepared material for the parishes where we’re working in Mozambique and was distributed in 15 parishes and in 3 secondary schools in order to be used in the moral formation. (Attached)

Was organised a brief workshop in St Peter Claver parish with people from St Daniel Comboni, St Mary and St Peter Claver in order to organise the sharing and the awareness in their parishes. This week is starting in St Peter Claver where will be sharing through 2 teams in the 16 SCC.


Sr. Clara Torres Acevedo

Comboni Sister